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An Introduction to the Handbook

Hello my name is Lt. Col. Elizabeth Paine, PhD. and I along with Dr. Anika Saleem, PhD. work for the Department of Homeworld Security out of Stargate Command (SGC) on level 14 of Cheyanne Mountain. One of our duties is to field complaints, comments and suggestions from both base personnel and Atlantis Expedition members. In the course of this it was brought to our attention that there was no comprehensive listing of the various rules and regulations which apply only to SGC personnel in both the Milky Way and Pegasus Galaxies. This led us, after much discussion, to begin compiling the aforementioned rules & regulations, as well as other useful information, in a format that would be easily accessible by any and all SGC personnel.

A large portion of our original handbook is derived from items found on a list compiled by an Airman who wishes to remain anonymous and whom we simply refer to as Skippy. Airman Skippy has compiled a list of things he is not allowed to do at the SGC which we will go slightly more in depth to explain.

Suggestions for additions to our Handbook are welcome, though should this handbook ever become an official document some may need to be omitted.

Thank you and have a nice day.
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