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The Semi-Official Stargate Command Handbook

Authorized Personnel Only

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This book is intended as a tool to be used by Stargate Command (SGC) personnel both off-world and on to better understand and appreciate our mission. Included you will find a continually updated listing of all rules and regulations pertaining to any and all members of the SGC both in the Milky Way and Pegasus Galaxies.

Due to its status as semi-official however submissions by any member of either the SGC or the Atlantis Expedition are welcome, though they may be omitted from any future official version of the Handbook.

Handbook Maintained By The Following Personnel
Lt.Col. Elizabeth Paine PhD. (Communications)
Dr.Anika Saleem (PhD. in Comparative Religions)

Other SGC Personnel
Major Marcelle Renard PhD. (Languages)
Dr.Barb Erato/Ara (Tok'ra - PhD. in Aerospace Engineering)
Kat'rn (Jaffa - Former first prime of Bastet)
Dr.Wiggins (PhD. in Theatrics)
Major White
Lt.Col. Torres

(The layout of the community is like that of a story, so if you have a bit to add in. Then do so. Interact with other "characters". Post your own rules. Ect.)

Disclaimer: Stargate and anything, anyone, and all things related to it do not belong to us.

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