Wicked Fae (goddessofrohan) wrote in sgc_handbook,
Wicked Fae

It starts...

Dr.Anika Saleem walked quietly down the hallway towards the briefing room. She had been called there because SG-13 came back with information they thought would prove of interest to her. As she approached the room, she passed two members of SG-8 and couldn't help but overhear their conversation.
"I heard you got in trouble for that juggling on our last recon mission?"
"Yeah. Apparently the items I was using were artifacts of some sort. How was I to know? They looked like rocks!"
Dr.Saleem paused a moment to let the concept of that sink in. ‘Juggling artifacts? I wonder what the punishment is for that?’ Putting it out her mind she set back on her course to the briefing room. It was not until much later as she sat in her room at her computer that it crossed her mind again.
“I wonder what other semi-ridiculous ‘rule’ I can come up with.” She said out loud to herself as she opened a blank document and began to type.

1.There will be no juggling of artifacts while on base, off base or off world. Even if said artifacts resemble rocks.
2.Being exceptionally annoying does not constitute a reason to Zat anyone. Especially people from other worlds and fellow SG personnel.
3.No SG personnel (military or non-military) are allowed to blame flying monkeys for any problems experienced on or off world. The only exception is if one is on mission to P63-0165.

Dr.Saleem laughed as she re-read over what she wrote. She wondered if anyone else would find it as amusing as she did. After opening up her email, she decided what could it hurt to send it to just Elizabeth. She would certainly find it amusing.


I overheard a someone in the hall today and it inspired this list of so-called 'rules' I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


PS. Breaking of any of these rules is punishable by death. ^_^ Just kidding!

With a couple clicks of the keyboard the small list was sent. Unfortunately for Anika, she has not noticed that instead of sending it to Elizabeth, she had accidentally sent it to the entire stargate command personnel.
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